Building taxonomies for connected Open Badges
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Archived Calls: as

Thursday Oct 8, 2015: http://etherpad.badgealliance.org/taxonomy-wg-10-8-2105
Thursday Oct 22: http://etherpad.badgealliance.org/taxonomy-wg-10-22-2015

MEETING: September 24, 2015 11 am ET / 8 am PT 

Who's here? Brief Intros/What interests you about taxonomy in Open Badges


Initial Community Call Discussion on Taxonomy: http://etherpad.badgealliance.org/CC15_September16


Administrative Stuff:

Goals of this Working Group
green: great, good to go
yellow: I'm confused
red: wait, doesn't seem right, let's discuss this

  1. Learn about each other's badge systems and how taxonomy has been applied or could be applied
    1. People are already working on internal taxonomy and competency system. What are you doing for your needs?
  2. Get familiarized with existing taxonomy/classification systems & frameworks
    1. We can leverage what already exists in a smart way. Are there experts who can educate us?
    2. Carla: Can we look at LRMI that we can build from? What do we hope to gain from taxonomy implementation. +1
  3. Choose which frameworks we will leverage to create taxonomy extension(s)
    1. Meta frameworks..e.g. an initial level of commonly agreed categories (e.g. skill, subject, purpose...) that can branch out to meet specific needs
    2. What do we do with existing Alignment field?
      1. It references a URL, so nothing needed, I think of it as another context.
      2. What does it tell you?
        1. Credmos will give your badges more relevancy points (WIP) if you're actually using a real alignment URL ie: Common Core.  As well as additional search context about what your badges is about if you're writing a 1 line description (which sadly most people are doing).
  4. Determine best practices to manage and maintain extensions.
  5. Create the extensions
  6. Provide implementation support - technical and system.
  7. Watch it in action - follow-up on usage

Feedback? Other Goals?

Defining Outcomes. - what does success look like. What is it that we want to come out on the other side. 
* Interoperability seems to be key
* be able to define significant relationships between badges
* be able to find the broader term of a badge tag: ex. a badge tagged with "physics" should be found by "science" too.

KL: don't think of a single centralized taxonomy system. Think there will be several different systems. 

Carla: What would success look like? Agree with Anh that these things can be very contextual. What do we mean by taxonomy? What would we be comfortable with coming out from the other side. Taxonomies are living tools. 

Green (Good)

Yellow (Concerns)

Red (Not So Good - Hold the Phone!)

High level Overview of Extensions & How They Work 


Types of Taxonomy Frameworks in the Context of Open Badges & Who can speak to them or is willing to research and speak to them? Let's build a list out and investigate.

Badge Systems Using Taxonomy, Thinking About Taxonomy or Want To Use Taxonomy and Share With the Group (Sign up)

Reading/Blogst/Other things of Interest: 

KL: We have a lot to learn here, but we're happy to move forward! We have to start somewhere.