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MEETING: October 7, 2015
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Yannick Warnier / @ywarnier / / Would like to talk about OpenBadges more at conferences in Latin America

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Collective Shift and LRNG +1

Connie M. Yowell, CEO of; Director of Education, MacArthur Foundation
Blair Taylor, Chief Community Officer, Starbucks+1excellent speaker!+1
Connie: what young people need: learn w peers, pursue passions, link to goals -these often don't connect
LRNG takes Cities of Learning to next level (already, 100,000 youth have earned badges)
Big focus on soft skills,21C skills - find common vocabulary w employers, visible pathways, embedded mentors/peers, anchored to corporate recruitment

Was the LNRG talk supposed to be on "day 2" video here? Day 1 approximate time stamp is 2:59:11(I was unable to find the right time in the video) +1

Pay attention again tomorrow at #SOCAP15:

Nate: the best feature of Open Badges is that they offer a chance to understand credentials issued in a different context (e.g. peer groups, interest-based community, academic study)
Nate: if you have online badge earning opportunties outside the Cities, consider advertising these.

Mozilla post:


Badge Alliance 2015 Kickoff!

3 new job postings coming out this week. The first is available now at

Hot Topic on Badge Program Efficacy: How to collect data to assert efficacy
Nate Otto

What does efficacy mean to you for badge programs?
Which is a more important variable: (+1 your favorite)

What is a good way to ask a specific efficacy question about a badge issuing program?

Research methods:

Moving Forward: Topics + Community leads for the weekly Community Call  
We will be opening up this call to the community to help determine topics / lead / etc. 
Please add topics for discussion / your name / indicate if you want to lead the call

...any interest in Belgian Badge Backpack? I'd like to learn more about this badging system for government!topic/openbadges/_Bv1YHzigos

Accepted topics (by interest):
  1. Employer engagement: national, regional, local - strategies, case studies+1+1+1+1+1 +1 +1 - We held a recent summit on Badges for Employers - Tim
  2. Success Stories, examples, and case studies (OpenBadging in credentialing & workforce devlelopment) +1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 (Curious what people are defining as success here... - We held a recent summit on Badges for Employers - Tim (David Leaser from IBM would be a great speaker -- he spoke at DevLearn 2015 and it was standing room only - Sheryl
  3. Overview of what has happened and what is currently happening in the Cities of Learning space +1+1+1+1+1 +1+1 (Reaching out to some folks involved on this -Nate) Happy to help here. So much to say... - Tim

Contribute your ideas! Put a +1 next to the topics that you would like to discuss on this call. Those topics with the most +1 will be hosted. 
  1. Badge start "toolbox" not just defining skills/competencies, but also self-hosting information or external hosting+1+1
  2. Where are the roadblocks, what are the issues people should know?+1+1
  3. Trust and security (the deleterious effects of mistaking security for trust)+1+1
  4. Defining learning pathways with badge endorsement+1+1+1+1+1+1+1
  5. Global activities: where are things happening and who's doing them +1 +1+1+1
  6. Open Badge Services: what services could we built on top of Open Badges? Scenarios for the future +1+1+1+1
  7. Badge-centric vs. person centric infrastructure+1+1
  8. Educators space+1 +1 +1+1+1
  9. Higher ed conversations may be separate from k-12 for the most part+1
    1. - and Continuing Ed. as well (Carey)+1+1
    2. Adult Ed+1
  10. Initiatives that are badge-centric occurring throughout the US but that have not been involved in the BA work
  11. Universal design -- access for people with disabilities +1+1 +1+1
  12. Strategies for integration with new workforce initiatives of WIOA statute+1+1+1
  13. 'Hack the Backpack' - Understanding the wants/needs of the community in terms of future development of the Backpack (Matt - DigitalMe)

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