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MEETING: July 29, 2015
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Sad Announcement
We have to start today’s call on a somber note. Over the weekend, John Knight, husband to the BA’s founding director Erin, died in a tragic accident at home. John was an important contributor to this community in his own right, including recently building and maintaining the web infrastructure to support many of the BA’s sites and documentation. Many of us were, me included, were looking forward to working with John more over the coming months. This is a terrible loss for Erin and their two young children. 

1) John W. Knight Education Fund at Breakwater Learning 
Both Erin and John have been committed to progressive educational advancement programs over the past decade, and most recently at their children’s (current and future) school, Breakwater. With that, Erin has established a fund at Breakwater in John's honor. John's limitless curiosity and endless enthusiasm for science, technology, and education will continue through this fund by supporting and promoting creativity and innovation in those fields at Breakwater. You can find more information here: 

2) Knight Family Support 
If you would prefer to show your support to the Knight family directly during this time, you can find more information about there here: 

Introductory Resources for Those New To the Badge Ecosystem
Bryan Mathers, Doug Belshaw & participants -- a guided scavenger hunt


What are Open Badges?
Who issues Open Badges?

How do you get started issuing badges?

I earned a badge. What do I do with it? <--This is a pain point

How do badge earners share them? What do they get?

What are the other important questions to people new to badges?


Moving Forward: Topics + Community leads for the weekly Community Call  
We will be opening up this call to the community to help determine topics / lead / etc. 
Please add topics for discussion / your name / indicate if you want to lead the call

And we can help folks with the flow and co-pilot as needed. 

August 5:
August 12:
August 19:

Accepted topics (by interest):
  1. Intro to badge basics for those new to the ecosystem from experienced developers / issuers+1+1+1+1 (Today)+1
  2. Employer engagement: national, regional, local - strategies, case studies+1+1+1+1+1 +1 +1
  3. Success Stories, examples, and case studies (OpenBadging in credentialing & workforce devlelopment) +1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1
(Curious what people are defining as success here...)
  1. Overview of what has happened and what is currently happening in the Cities of Learning space +1+1+1+1+1 +1+1 (Reaching out to some folks involved on this -Nate)

Let's rank order topics based on interest / importance. Put a +1 next to the topics that you would like to discuss on this call. Those topics with the most +1 will be hosted. 
  1. Badge start "toolbox" not just defining skills/competencies, but also self-hosting information or external hosting+1
  2. Where are the roadblocks, what are the issues people should know?+1+1
  3. Trust and security (the deleterious effects of mistaking security for trust)+1+1
  4. Defining learning pathways with badge endorsement+1+1
  5. Global activities: where are things happening and who's doing them +1 +1+1
  6. Open Badge Services: what services could we built on top of Open Badges? Scenarios for the future +1
  7. Badge-centric vs. person centric infrastructure+1+1
  8. Educators space+1 +1 +1
  9. Higher ed conversations may be separate from k-12 for the most part
    1. - and Continuing Ed. as well (Carey)
  10. Initiatives that are badge-centric occurring throughout the US but that have not been involved in the BA work
  11. Universal design -- access for people with disabilities +1+1 +1
  12. Strategies for integration with new workforce initiatives of WIOA statute+1

Catch up
Community Call: July 22, 2015: "Ideal Badge System Feature Set" -- Brett Bixler, Penn State University
Community Call: July 15, 2015: Bohdan Andriyiv, Samerse / Noah Geisel, Aurora Public Schools badging system

Community Call: July 8, 2015: Badge Alliance / Learning Pathways & Competency Maps

Reading List/Additional notes for the community

Upcoming conferences and events
Let us know where you're going to be, especially if you're giving - or attending - a badges presentation!

Other notes:

Thank you for joining us!